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Episode #3 - Riley Will of BRC Racing Discusses the BRC 500cc 2 Stroke Engine - This is A Snow Bike Game Changer!

Episode #3 - Riley Will of BRC Racing Discusses the BRC 500cc 2 Stroke Engine - This is A Snow Bike Game Changer!

October 7, 2019

Tune in for one of the most exciting Snow Bike episodes as we talk with Riley Will of BRC Engineering about his revolutionary 500cc 2 Stroke Engine built on the KTM 250 or 300 engine and KTM chassis. This episode was recorded on August 2018 so it's been in the warehouse for a while!

In this episode, we also discuss the V-Twin 600 Engine which was a prototype Riley developed for Timbersled. The idea was to be first to snow with a purpose-built SnowBike rather than a kit. Unfortunately, Polaris bought Timbersled and the V-Twin never made it to market. The engine made 120hp78.5ftlbs and was as narrow as a single cylinder. Perfect for a SnowBike! Riley got a patent for the drivetrain on a single ski and track snow vehicle hoping that in the future the OEMs will go this route.


Here is the BRC 500cc Engine in Snow Bike Form!

The BRC 500cc 2 Stroke Engine is like nothing the world has ever seen before! Riley Will and his team at BRC Engineering have achieved something truly revolutionary for the Dirt Bike world and in particular, we at Snow Bike Nation are most excited about its application as a Snow Bike! 

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"In a side by side comparison, you can see the straightforward design approach of the BRC 500cc and the comparison with the stock donor engine. Weight distribution remains comparable and rotational inertia is far less than that of a big bore four stroke." 

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You can order the engine directly from their website though I recommend giving BRC a call to discuss the details and make sure they have some available!

Motocross Action Mag put it best about the 500cc 2 Stroke Big Bore Engine:

"The 500cc two-stroke engine became extinct in 2000 when the last Honda CR500 came down Honda’s Kumamoto production line in Japan. Kawasaki retired its KX500 in 2004. The last Yamaha WR500 was produced in 1993. Suzuki had a short-lived RM500 venture that came to an end in the mid-1980s. And, well, KTM ended its 500cc program in 1993, then went bigger to a 550cc sidecar engine that only lasted until 1995. 

These warhorses that were made for the men among men were forgotten over time. Big-displacement two-strokes took riders with finesse and a few screws loose to tame them. Now, in a world populated by heavy, complex, 450cc four-stroke engines that pump out 60-plus horsepower off the showroom floor, the 500cc two-stroke doesn’t seem as intimidating to ride as it once did. Riders like Sean Collier and Tyler Bowers have shown that these 500cc beasts can be manhandled. In recent years, the 500cc two-stroke market has been booming, and without any manufacturers producing these big-bore engines, the used 500cc market has exploded. New parts are few and far between and used parts only last so long. This is why the BRC Engineering team came together to find a solution to the problem." 

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Based in Calgary, Alberta BRC Engineering specializes in the design and manufacture of premium high-pressure flow control products for the oil and gas industry. BRC Engineering has its roots as a full-service machine shop and continues to provide CNC machining, CMM inspection, precision assembly, and pressure testing services to customers in the energy, agriculture, forestry, mining, medical, defense, aerospace, and motorsports industries.

Founded in 1996 by Brian Will, BRC Engineering is now run by his sons, Carter and Riley, who manage a team of talented personnel, including professional engineers, design technologists, and journeyman machinists dedicated to providing world-class solutions. BRC Engineering’s state of the art computer-aided design and manufacturing equipment, combined with strict quality control procedures ensures superior product quality with on-time delivery.

Riley was a Kart racer growing up and they started a Kart Racing shop where they imported products from Europe and supplied the local and North American Kart racing market. In 2002 they sold the kart shop and focused on manufacturing engines as part of our business. Motorsports had been a smaller part of their business until recently.

 Check out this awesome video from Dirt Bike Magazine with an interview of Riley Will and to see the BRC 500cc 2 Stroke Engine in action!

Prototype BRC Snow Bike Riley Discussed - Check out that CVT Transmission!!!

"I am personally very excited about the possible application of the BRC 500cc Engine on a snowbike and I hope I get to try it soon!" - Kyle Allred

For more information about BRC Racing and their Engine check out the below links.

Leave your comments and let us know what you think about the BRC 500cc engine.

You can contact Riley Will at [email protected] 

BRC Engineering:
BRC Racing Facebook Photos:

2 Smokin:
Motocross Action Mag:
Dirt Bike Magazine:

Episode #2 - PR2 Racing Jeff Peinhart Dives into Snow Bike ECU’s, how it can increase your FUN factor, the importance of proper engine temps, tuning and more! - Snow Bike Nation

Episode #2 - PR2 Racing Jeff Peinhart Dives into Snow Bike ECU’s, how it can increase your FUN factor, the importance of proper engine temps, tuning and more! - Snow Bike Nation

July 11, 2019

Welcome to Episode #2 of Snow Bike Nation

This was one of the most fun and exciting interviews I've had the pleasure of conducting. Jeff Peinhart, co-founder of PR2 racing has an extensive motorcycle and engineering background. PR2 provides one of the best ECU's for fuel injected bikes and developed of the first snow bike specific ECU maps.

Here's a bit more about PR2 from their website

"PR2 Racing Technology’s reputation for engine research and development, repair work, excellent customer service, and performance is second to none. Over the years we have invested in the very best in state-of-the-art engine building and testing equipment.

Our shop is comprised of the latest CNC Equipment, CNC Valve Seating Machine, Ultrasonic Cleaning Station, Temperature Controlled Dyno Testing Facility, and much more.

Our level of service prepares bike for top level professional riders and amateur riders from all over the world."

Jeff is a Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineer and handles the engine division at PR2
PR2's ECU maps have helped win multiple supercross and motorcross titles.
From the likes of 
  • Jason Anderson - 2018 AMA Supercross and FIM World Champion.
  • Eli Tomac - who rides for Kawasaki and has won multiple supercross and motocross championships.
  • Ryan Dungey - 4 time supercross and 3 time motocross champion
  • Broc Hepler AKA " “The World’s Fastest College Student,- first rider they built for.
Along with 20-30 other top riders
Timbersled approached PR2 in 2013 to providing the tuning on the ECU for them.
We're gonna discuss how and why he designed the mapping for the ECU's, why it's so crucial if you have a fuel injected bike to have one for optimal riding of your snow bike.
We discuss new products released for the Snow biking community. Like widening of the throttle body for an increase in horsepower. 
A few key takeaways we discuss:
  • Jeff discusses how the loading of the engine is so different on a snow bike than what it was originally meant for.
  • Stock ECU does not handle the application very well. Really needs to build the mapping structure for them to run optimally.
  • At 53 min Jeff talks about the best way to adjust the fuel on his ECU.
  • How some pull 2 gears higher with their ecu.
  • How changing fuel injection timing because of the cold / deep powder is crucial for optimal performance.
  • How you can increase your Horsepower with widening of the throttle body which PR2 handles!

There is so much to this podcast I know you will enjoy it!

Check out PR2 racing in the following ways.

Call or email Jeff direct and let him know you heard him on Snow Bike Nation. He's a great guy to speak with:

Phone: 717-786-8321
Email: [email protected]

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Snow Bike Nation Intro - Episode #1 Hosted by Kyle Allred

Snow Bike Nation Intro - Episode #1 Hosted by Kyle Allred

July 10, 2019

Welcome to the first episode of Snow Bike Nation with your host Kyle Allred. It's time for the Snow Bike Nation Podcast to be launched and I thank you for tuning in and supporting me and the Snow Bike Nation project.

This episode is a quick introductory about Kyle and how he came to be involved in the awesome and fast growing powersport of Snow Biking.

In it I'll cover why I started Snow Bike Nation and what you the listener will get from this podcast.

Strap in as I embark on this ambitious project with the World's FIRST Ever Snow Bike Podcast.

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